Our team

Head of research

Doc. Ondřej Beran, Ph.D.

Head of Doctoral Studies

Email: ondrej.beran@upce.cz

Location: 06023, building G

Research interests
philosophy of language, ethics, environmental philosophy, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, phenomenology, AI, time and memory, feminist philosophy,...

Doc. Niklas Forsberg, PhD

Head of Research

E-mail: Niklas.Forsberg@upce.cz 

Location: 06 023, building G


Research Interests
Philosophy and Literature, Philosophy of Language, Iris Murdoch, Ludwig Wittgenstein, J. L. Austin, Philosophical Methodology, Ordinary Language...

Mgr. Kamila Pacovská, Ph.D.

Email:  kamila.pacovska@upce.cz 

Location: 07 023, building G

Research interests

Areas: Ethics and moral philosophy, moral psychology, theory of action, philosophy of emotions, Platonic-Wittgensteinian ethics, virtue ethics, philosophy and literature


Antony Fredriksson, PhD

Doc. Antony Fredriksson, PhD

E-mail: Antony.Fredriksson@upce.cz

Location: 10 013, building G

Website: https://abo.academia.edu/AntonyFredriksson

Research Interests

Aesthetics, environmental ethics, embodied philosophy, existential philosophy,...

doc. Laura Candiotto, PhD

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Principal Investigator: Vicious Epistemic Cultures

E-mail: Laura.Candiotto@upce.cz 

Location: G Building, 06 003, Center for Ethics

Research interests

Philosophy of Emotion; Enaction and Embodiment; Virtue and Vice...

doc. Tomáš Hejduk, PhD.

E-mail: tomas.hejduk@upce.cz

Office: 05 023, building G


Research interests
Ethics and Moral Philosophy; Political Philosophy; History of Philosophy;   
Socrates, Plato and Ancient Greek Culture; Civil Disobedience; Nonpolitical Politics; Philosophy of...

John Lippitt, Ph.D

Professor of Philosophy

Principal Investigator, Combatting Self-Righteousness: ERC CZ Grant No. LL2308

Email:  johnandrew.lippitt@upce.cz 

Location: 07 023, building G

Research Interests

Kierkegaard; ethics and moral psychology of virtues and vices...

Lesley Jamieson

Email: LesleyPaige.Jamieson@upce.cz

Location: 06, Building G

Homepage: https://queensu.academia.edu/LesleyJamieson


Research Interests

Areas: history of analytic philosophy (especially postwar British philosophy of mind, aesthetics, and moral...

Matej Cíbik, PhD.

E-mail: matej.cibik@upce.cz 

Location: 07 007, building G

Research interests:

Contemporary ethics and political philosophy – liberalism, theories of justice, political realism, legitimacy, Kant’s practical philosophy and its influence on current political theory. ...

Myrthe Bartels

Email: myrthe.bartels@upce.cz

Location: Building G, 07 023

ORCID: 0000-0002-6274-8941

Website: https://upce.academia.edu/MyrtheLBartels

Myrthe Bartels studied Classics at Leiden University in the Netherlands and received her PhD in Classics in 2014. She...

Ondřej Krása

Email: ondrej.krasa@upce.cz

Telephone: 739 431 833
Location: 05 023, building G
Office hours: Tuesday 13-14

Research interests
Ancient philosophy and ethics – particularly Plato and skepticism.

Professional experience
since September 2021...

Silvia Caprioglio Panizza

Senior Research Fellow


Working on project: Beyond Security: Role of Conflict in Resilience-Building (CoRe)

Completed project: Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Action Moral Impossibility: Rethinking Choice and Conflict (MIGHT) 2022-...

Centre fellows

Marina Barabas, Ph.D.

Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


Email: mbarabas@volny.cz

Location: 07 007, building G

Research interests:

Moral philosophy, moral psychology, conceptions of will, action and moral thinking; Political philosophy;...

prof. Christopher Cordner

University of Melbourne


E-mail: ccordner@unimelb.edu.au


Christopher Cordner is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne and a member of Centre for Ethics as a Study in Human Value, Univeristy of Pardubice.. He has published...

prof. Raimond Gaita

University of Melbourne/King's College London


E-mail: r.gaita@unimelb.edu.au


Raimond Gaita is Professorial Fellow in the Melbourne Law School and The Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne, Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy at King's...

Past members

Doc. Hugo Strandberg, PhD

Worked at the department until 2021

E-mail: hugo.strandberg@abo.fi

More information

See my Åbo Akademi University page

Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon, Ph.D.

Worked at the department until 2020

Website: https://upce.academia.edu/JosephWiinikkaLydon

Email: wiinikj@wfu.edu

Michael Campbell, Ph.D.

Worked at the department until 2021

E-mail: michaelwalter.campbell.8f [at] kyoto-u.ac.jp

Web: https://upce.academia.edu/MichaelCampbell

Nora Hämäläinen

Worked at the Department until 2022

Website: https://researchportal.helsinki.fi/en/persons/nora-Hämäläinen

e-mail: nora.hamalainen@helsinki.fi




Olli Lagerspetz

Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow until December 2022

Email: Olli.Lagerspetz@abo.fi

Website: http://web.abo.fi/fak/hf/filosofi/Staff/olagersp/english.html

Ruth Rebecca Tietjen

Postdoctoral fellow until 2022

E-Mail: Ruth.Tietjen (at) hhu.de

Homepage: https://dekleineluchtfietser.wordpress.com

Ryan Manhire

Postdoctoral Fellow until 2022

Email: ryandavid.manhire@upce.cz 

Website: https://flinders.academia.edu/RyanManhire


Administrative team

Attila Bela Pato

E-mail: attilabela.pato@upce.cz


Jana Wagnerová

Email: jana.wagnerova@upce.cz
Project manager, Self-righteousness (ERC CZ)

Simona Krupa

Email: simona.krupa@upce.cz

Administrative Assistant, CoRe Project