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Centre for Ethics offers a vibrant and stimulating research environment in which a broad range of ethical topics are discussed. The Centre’s weekly seminars, various reading groups, the new Centre Library, as well as the Conferences, Workshops and Intensive Seminars that the Centre organizes, make the Centre a productive place for short- or long-term research visits.

We welcome both senior researchers, post-docs and PhD-students to spend time here as a visiting researcher and partake in the Centre’s activities and discussions.

If you are interested in visiting us, contact Niklas Forsberg (Head of Research):  


Past visitors

Silvia Panizza (University College Dublin), May-June 2019

Frits Gåvertsson (Lund University), Sept-Nov 2019

Valeria Candio (University of Genoa), April-June 2018

Olli Lagerspetz (Åbo Akademi), March-May 2018



Salla Peltonen (Åbo Akademi), winter semester 2020

Maria Silvia Vaccarezza (University of Genoa), October 2020