PhD seminar

The PhD Seminar meets on Tuesdays (10am-12; the alpha room at the fifth floor) during the term weeks. At this seminar, our PhD students presents their ongoing work and drafts of dissertation chapters. But we also meet to talk about what it means to think and write philosophy in a good way in contemporary academia, to prepare our PhD’s for a life in the Academia. The Centre’s more senior researches are usually present as well.


PhD Seminar Programme - Autumn 2022

Tuesdays, 10 am – 12, Room Alpha, Building G, 5th Floor (for Zoom link see bellow)



The form of the seminar in general is pre-read. (The presenter's text is circulated one week in advance.) In order to get information about this seminar, and to get the texts that we will discuss, please e-mail The discussions will be conducted in English. All – students, PhD students and researchers – are warmly welcome to attend! 


Permanent Zoom Link: 

Meeting ID: 834 3159 9916, Passcode: 156391 



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