John Lippitt, Ph.D

Professor of Philosophy

Principal Investigator, Combatting Self-Righteousness: ERC CZ Grant No. LL2308


Location: 07 023, building G

Research Interests

Kierkegaard; ethics and moral psychology of virtues and vices; theological ethics; forgiveness; philosophy of love and friendship. profile; Google Scholar profile

John Lippitt is a Professor of Philosophy at both the Centre for Ethics in Pardubice and the Institute for Ethics and Society at the University of Notre Dame Australia, where he served as Institute Director from 2020-2024. Prior to that he worked for over 25 years at the University of Hertfordshire, where he remains a Visiting Professor. Probably best known for his work on Kierkegaard, his 45,000,000 CZK ERC-CZ research project at Pardubice (beginning 2024) focuses on self-righteousness as a vice of the digital age and how it may be combatted.

Education and Qualifications

2000 Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Essex

1992 M.Litt. in Philosophy, University of Durham

1988 BSc (Hons), in Mathematics and Philosophy, University of Manchester

Previous Positions

2020 –2024   Director, Institute for Ethics and Society, The University of Notre Dame Australia.

1992 – 2020 Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Religion (2008-20), University of Hertfordshire, UK (Director of Research, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Research Institute (2009-2013); Reader 2001-08; Senior Lecturer 1994-2001; Lecturer 1992-94)

Research Projects and Awards* include:

  • CZK 45,000,000 “Combatting Self-Righteousness: A Vice of the Digital Age”, ERC-CZ Grant LL2308, 2024-28.
  • AU$20,000 "Developing Virtuous Character in Educational Institutions" (with Annette Pierdziwol and Tim Smartt), Industry Collaboration Research Grant, The Scots College, Sydney, 2020-21
  • AU$12,516 "Screening Virtue – the Importance of Character(s) in Film and Television"" (with Sylvie Magerstädt), The University of Notre Dame Australia Research Grant Scheme, 2020-21
  • £92,235 “Love's Forgiveness,” Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship, 2018–2020.
  • €172,903 “Selves in Time,” (with Patrick Stokes) Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship Scheme, 2010–2012.
  • £2,823 “Immortal Goods: Critical Friendships Amongst Beginning Undergraduates,” (with Brendan Larvor), Higher Education Academy, 2009–2010.
  • £4,931 “Wot u @ Uni 4?: Expectations and Actuality of Studying Philosophy at University,” (with Brendan Larvor), Higher Education Academy, 2008–2009.
  • US$18,000 “The Quest for Unity: Narrative, Self and Ethics,” Hong Kierkegaard Library, USA, 2004–2005.
  • £3,711 “The Quest for Unity: Narrative, Self and Ethics,” British Academy Travel Award, 2004–2005.
  • £10,000 "Kierkegaard’s Humorist", UK Arts and Humanities Research Board Research Leave Scheme Award, 1999-2000

*As Principal Investigator unless otherwise stated.




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  • Love’s Forgiveness: Kierkegaard, Resentment, Humility, and Hope. (Oxford University Press, 2020).
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Edited Volumes

  • Narrative, Identity and the Kierkegaardian Self (Edinburgh University Press, 2015). Co-edited with Patrick Stokes.
  • The Oxford Handbook of Kierkegaard (Oxford University Press, 2013). Co-edited with George Pattison.
  • Nietzsche and the Divine (Clinamen, 2000). Co-edited with Jim Urpeth.
  • Nietzsche's Futures (Palgrave Macmillan, 1999).

Articles and book chapters

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Media Appearances include:

  • Kierkegaard and forgiveness’, Interview with Professor Camelia Raghinaru about my book Love’s Forgiveness, Theory to No End podcast, September 2022
  • Forgiveness up close’, interview with Meredith Lake, ABC Soul Search, October 2021
  • ‘What would it mean to see forgiveness as a “work of love”?’, ABC Religion and Ethics, May 2021
  • ‘The Pharisee on Social Media: Virtue Signalling and the Vice of Self-righteousness’, Comment magazine vol. 39-2 (Spring 2021)
  • “Dread, Time and the Pandemic: Kierkegaard on Worry.” Standpoint magazine (July 2020)
  • (With Assistant Chief Constable Nathan Briant), ‘The Only Way is Ethics’, cover story in Police Professional issue 646, March 2019
  • Kierkegaard, guest on BBC Radio 4 In Our Time, March 2008

Teaching Experience

I have taught undergraduate and postgraduate units in Philosophy and Religious Studies for over 25 years, covering various topics in ancient, modern and contemporary philosophy; ethics; and world religions. I have supervised to successful completion several PhDs in my areas of expertise and examined PhD theses in Australia, the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

Other Professional Service

Other professional activities have included serving as an ethics advisor to UK police forces (work that was the subject of an Impact Case Study for REF 2021); organising various conferences, seminar series and public lectures in the UK and Australia; serving as a member of the Peer Review College of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Advisory Panel of the Leverhulme Trust; and serving as a member of the Editorial Board of book series for Oxford University Press and Rowman & Littlefield. I have been a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2010, a member of the Royal Institute of Philosophy Council (2016-2020) and was Deputy Chair of the University of Notre Dame Australia’s Research Committee (2021-2023). I am a member of the American Philosophical Association, the Australasian Association for Philosophy, the British Philosophical Association, the British and European Societies for Philosophy of Religion, and the Society of Christian Philosophers. I am a Past Secretary of the Kierkegaard Society of the UK.