The Ethics of Home: Patriotism, Cosmopolitanism and Alienation, 1.-3. června 2022


The Ethics of Home: Patriotism, Cosmopolitanism and Alienation


An interdisciplinary conference organized by Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value, University of Pardubice

June 1-3, 2022, Pardubice, Czech Republic


Date: 1st - 3rd June 2022 

Conference Venue: Historical building of University of Pardubice, Room 03004

Zoom link for on-line participants is HERE.



The past century has brought with it fast and unprecedented globalization in which the meaning and significance of the concepts of home and belonging are constantly renegotiated and redefined. Cosmopolitanism, pluralism, multiculturalism and post-colonialism contra protectionism, nationalism and patriotism constitute the usual polarities in the political dialogue – and the recent resurgence of populism and xenophobia make exploring these issues perhaps more acute than ever. In addition, the current pandemic changed our perception of physical presence and distance, transferring most relationship to virtual space, eroding borders between work space and public space and between what is private and public.

The aim of the conference is to explore the underlying ethical and political aspects of rootedness, belonging and home in an increasingly internationalizing and virtualising world. How do we understand ”home” and related concepts as a central, orienting image for the development of identity and value in the midst of such change and contestation? What are the political, social and moral consequences of a communal loss of a sense of belonging? And what do the experiences of exile, of being a refugee, of displacement and relocation entail for our communal life and a sense of identity?