02. 06. 2020
A new episode of Centre's "Philosophy Voiced" podcast it online now. The guest is Anna Bergqvist and she is hosted by Niklas Forsberg...
29. 05. 2020
We are searching for a new colleague. See the advert below.    Centrum pro etiku jako studium hodnoty člověka na...
17. 05. 2020
Matej Cíbik has written a new blog entry on Centre's blog, entitled "Political upheaval and tacit consent". You can read it HERE. 
07. 05. 2020
Tomáš Hejduk has just published a blog on philosophical attitudes towards society and politics entitled "The Art of Revolt". You can find it HERE...
15. 04. 2020
Our researcher, Ondřej Krása, has just published a blog on "The ambiguity of behaving badly". You can read it HERE. 
05. 04. 2020
Niklas Forsberg, our head of research, has just published a new blog entitled "Quick fixes and slow cures".   You can read it...
19. 03. 2020
In a new blogpost, Hugo Strandberg discusses our reactions to coronavirus. You can read the blog HERE. 
19. 03. 2020
The planned workshop on moral change, scheduled for May this year, has been postponed. We will publish the new date on this website, once we have...
07. 03. 2020
Our own Anthony Fredriksen just published a blog focused on the concepts of "home" and "roots". You can read it HERE. Enjoy!