19. 03. 2020
In a new blogpost, Hugo Strandberg discusses our reactions to coronavirus. You can read the blog HERE. 
19. 03. 2020
The planned workshop on moral change, scheduled for May this year, has been postponed. We will publish the new date on this website, once we have...
07. 03. 2020
Our own Anthony Fredriksen just published a blog focused on the concepts of "home" and "roots". You can read it HERE. Enjoy!
02. 03. 2020
Internal Grants Department of Philosophy   What is supported by the grant? We want to support students of the Department...
23. 02. 2020
In a new contribution to Centre's blog, Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon talks about under-appreciated long-term effects of violence in a society...
18. 02. 2020
Center research Joe Wiinikka-Lydon gave a lecture at the University Hradec Králové's philosophy department titled "Moral Injury and the Hidden...
06. 02. 2020
In the new instalment of Centre blog, Ondřej Beran argues that rationality is overrated. You can read it HERE. 
27. 01. 2020
The second instalment of the Centre blog was just published, Nora Hämäläinen talks about "The Ethical Environment". You can read it...