PhD seminar schedule

PhD Seminar Fall 2018

Tuesdays, 10 am – 12

Room Alpha, Building G, 5th Floor


September 4-6:  Conference: Love and Justice 

September 25 Docent Nora Hämäläinen (Centre for Ethics): “Writing for Different Audiences” (+ Ondřej Beran information about Research Resources)

October 2       Mira T. Reyes (Centre for Ethics)

October 9       Diana Kalásková (Centre for Ethics)

October 16      (No seminar. Conference with James Conant and Cora Diamond at FAGI in Leipzig.)

October 22-24            Intensive Seminar with James Conant and Cora Diamond

October 30      Petra Chudárková (PhD student, Olomouc)

November 6    Matti Syiem (Centre for Ethics)

November 13 Philip Strammer (Centre for Ethics)

November 20  Patrick Keenan (Centre for Ethics)

November 27  Carolina Davis (Centre for Ethics)


The form of the seminar in general is that a text that forms the basis of the seminar is circulated one week in advance. In order to get information about this seminar, and to get the texts that we will discuss, please e-mail The discussions will be conducted in English. All – students, PhD students and researchers – are warmly welcome to attend!