PhD seminar schedule

PhD Seminar Autumn 2019

Tuesdays, 10 am – 12

Room Alpha, Building G, 5th Floor


September 24                    “A boring lecture about formalities” (Niklas Forsberg)

October 8                            Philip Strammer

October 15–17                  Intensive Seminar with John Lippitt

October 22                          Diana Kalášková

October 29                          Matti Syiem

November 5                        Mira T. Reyes

November 21–22              Workshop on The Power of the Powerless (V. Havel), at Södertörn University (Stockholm, Sweden)

November 26                      Sinan Oruc (SUNY-Binghamton, USA)

December 3                        Lyra Koli                           

December 17                     Aneta Kohoutová


The form of the seminar in general is that a text that forms the basis of the seminar is circulated one week in advance. In order to get information about this seminar, and to get the texts that we will discuss, please e-mail The discussions will be conducted in English. All – students, PhD students and researchers – are warmly welcome to attend!