Truth in politics and metaphysics

Truth in Politics and Metaphysics: Celebrating the Works of Peter Winch

Kings College London, 30th of June – 2nd of July, 2017

A conference organized by the Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value and the Department of Philosophy, Kings College London.

Marking the 20th anniversary of Peter Winch’s death, this major international conference brings together leading academics from around the world to examine the legacy of Peter Winch’s work and to reassess its relevance to contemporary issues. Participants will draw on both Winch’s published work and also unpublished materials contained in the Winch archives. Topics to be discussed include: political philosophy, ethics, and the philosophies of Spinoza and Wittgenstein. The conference is generously supported by the Mind Association [LINK] and the Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value  [LINK] at the University of Pardubice.

Speakers: Marina Barabas (CAS / Pardubice), Ondřej Beran (Pardubice), Michael Campbell (Pardubice), David Cockburn (Wales), Alice Crary (NSSR), Helen Geyer (Weimar), Lars Hertzberg (Åbo), Drew Johnson (Independent), Olli Lagerspetz (Åbo), David Levy (Edinburgh), Michael McGhee (Liverpool), Tony Milligan (KCL / Pardubice), Rupert Read (UEA), Lynette Reid (Dalhousie), Duncan Richter (VMI), Sean Stidd (WSU), Craig Taylor (Flinders), Mark Theunissen (New School), Sarah Tropper (AAU Klagenfurt), Carolyn Wilde (Bristol)