New podcast: Sophie Grace Chappell

In this episode of Philosophy Voiced podcast, Marie Skłodowská-Curie Fellow Silvia Caprioglio Panizza interviews Sophie Grace Chappell, Professor of Philosophy at the Open University, discussing her the scope and significance of ethics, philosophical style, poetry, non-human animals, embodiment, contemporary politics, climate change, and being a transgender philosopher. Much of the conversation revolves around Prof Chappell’s recent book Epiphanies: An Ethics of Experience (Oxford University Press 2022). 

 Sophie Grace Chappell was one of five speakers at the MSCA funded workshop ‘“Here I am, I can do no other – or can I?” On the Reality of Moral Impossibility’ as part of the MIGHT project and hosted by the Centre for Ethics on 9-10 September 2022.  

You can listen to the podcast HERE

 Bio: Sophie Grace Chappell is Professor of Philosophy at the Open University. She works in ethics, the philosophy of literature, the philosophy of sex and gender, ancient and mediaeval philosophy, epistemology, and philosophy of religion She is the author of over a hundred articles and numerous books, including Aristotle and Augustine on Freedom (Springer 1995), The Inescapable Self (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2005), Knowing What To Do (Oxford University Press 2017). She is now pursuing a number of different writing projects, including a new book: Trans Figured: How to survive as a transgender person in a cisgender world.