New: Internal Grants

Internal Grants

Department of Philosophy


What is supported by the grant?
We want to support students of the Department of Philosophy (Centre for Ethics included) in their research activities (writing PhD./MA thesis, writing papers) and international mobility.

Who can apply?
All PhD. candidates and all students of MA programme (not only those studying in the daily mode, but also in the combined mode of study); excluding those employed by the university during the duration of the project as a research assistant.

What will I do if I receive the grant?
Research activity will consist either in a substantial progress in writing PhD./MA thesis (finishing several chapters), or in writing a paper for a peer-reviewed journal, or in a combination of these two activities. For PhD. Candidates, at least 31 days long study stay abroad in the EU is required (e.g. consultation with an external expert, research in the library, conference travelling; this requirement can be met also by several shorter stays, however, one longer is preferred), for MA students one conference travel in the EU (active or passive) is required. Exceptions to the rule of international mobility are permissible only upon substantial justification. We will support projects with duration from April 1st to December 31st (shorter duration of the project is also possible).

How much is the funding?
Each applicant can receive maximum of 90.000 CZK as a stipend (max. 10.000/month). Funding of international mobility is additional to the stipend: PhD. candidates will receive reimbursement for their flight/train/bus tickets, accommodation, and they will receive 40–50 Euros a day as a meal allowance. Funding of travelling for the MA students will be calculated on an individual basis (funding will cover expenses).

How to apply?
Application form is to be submitted via email to by March 15th. Applicants are invited to consult their application with their supervisors and Ondřej Krása (consultation hours Tuesday 13–14, or by appointment). The grant committee will notify the successful applicants by March 31st. The successful applicants will submit the interim report (by September 15th for the period April–August) and the final report (by January 31st 2021).