New episode of philosophy voiced podcast: Samantha Ashenden and Andreas Hess

In this episode of Philosophy Voiced, we are joined through Zoom by Samantha Ashenden, Reader in the Politics Department at Birkbeck, University of London, and Andreas Hess, Professor in the School of Sociology at University College Dublin.

You can listen to it HERE.

Hosts Matti Syiem, Philip Strammer, and Patrick Keenan discuss with Sam and Andreas their article in Aeon "The theorist of belonging: Discovering Judith Shklar's liberalism of fear", their edited book Between Utopia and Realism, and Judith Shklar's essay Liberalism of Fear, among other topics relating to the political theory of Judith Shklar.

Sam and Andreas are the keynote speakers on the third night of the Centre for Ethics' upcoming conference, Looking Forward in Hope and Despair: Critical Perspectives on Utopia and Dystopia in Philosophy and the Arts. They will present at 15:00 (CET) on April 16th a presentation titled: "Why virtues will no longer do: some pros and cons of dystopian perspectives." More info on the conference here: