New episode of Philosophy Voiced Podcast: Friend as Enemy (Notes on Cavell and Socialism)

In this episode of Philosophy Voiced, we are joined through Zoom by Professor Rastislav Dinić from the University of Niš, Serbia. We are discussing a paper written by Professor Dinić called "Friend as Enemy: Notes on Cavell and Socialism (via Makavejev)."

You can listen to it HERE

Professor Dinić is one of the keynote speakers at the Centre for Ethics' upcoming conference, Looking Forward in Hope and DespairCritical Perspectives on Utopia and Dystopia in Philosophy and the Arts, which is taking place virtually April 14, 15, and 16 through the Zoom platform (a link will follow). More information on the conference can be found here:

If you would like to read the paper we are discussing, it was published in Conversations: The Journal of Cavellian Studies, no. 5 (2017) "The Aesthetics of Politics and the Politics of Aesthetics In and After Cavell", 27 February 2018.
A link to the pdf is here: