Narrative Procedure of Political Deliberation

Name: Vladimir Lukić

Supervisor: Matej Cíbik


Dissertation Subject: Narrative Procedure of Political Deliberation

Dissertation Abstract:
There is a paradigm that the core of our political deliberation originates from our rational comprehension of rights. Such is the paradigm of the Rawlsian tradition. However, I would like to propose an alternative that is based on the notion of the narrative. Recent studies from the fields of neuroscience and moral psychology have given us a lot to work with when it comes to the role of narrative in our lives. We are, I believe, first and foremost - narrative beings who construct their world view as a story by processing the social constructs. In that regard, by presupposing the meta-ethical position of social constructivism and the priority of good over right, I would like to argue that the narrative procedure of political deliberation has a lot of explanatory power. The philosopher who will prove to be a big influence to my aim will be Alasdair MacIntyre and his conception of narrative as a form of uniformity of life. Of course, I would dare to alter his conception in order for my goal to be fulfilled.