Mgr. Diana Kalášková

   Mgr. Diana Kalášková (since 2017)
   Supervisor: doc. Niklas Forsberg, Ph.D. 
   Dissertation subject: Moral Power of  Literature

Dissertation abstract

My dissertation discusses the many various forms that philosophical argumentation may take. One of my guiding thoughts, therefore, is that we will attain a too narrow view of argumentation if we think of it as clear logical inferences only. I want to examine the various ways in which works of literature also can be considered as a form of philosophical argumentation, even if they lack the standard form of a philosophical argument. The literary argumentation engages our imagination, which enables us to see and understand a particular situation in different ways. By reading a work of literature we are confronted with rich images of our complex world which may be convincing in their own right. Narrative literature, therefore, may be said to provide us with different points of view, and can thereby help us see the reality of others: such images of particularities and different points of view are often extremely convincing, and may therefore be worth seeing as forms of argumentation.