Mgr. Carolina Davis González

   Mgr. Carolina Davis González (since 2016)
   Supervisor: Dr. Andrés Luis Jaume Rodríguez
   Dissertation subject: Palaeologus beyond Palaeologus



Dissertation abstract

Coming from the field of history, Carolina Davis has focused her previous research on cultural and intellectual history since the early modern era. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of her specialization, she is currently working on the philosophical topic of ideas and beliefs.        

Her doctoral research subject is a case study of a 16th century intellectual and theologist, Jacobus Palaeologus (1520 – 1585). Palaeologus is a figure that presents the opportunity – and the challenge – to analyze a period of time throughout his personal history and writings, helping us to understand the changes he went through in terms of his own ideas of the world, beliefs and religious identity.

As a theoretical point of departure, Carolina has been employing concepts and notions of what does it mean to believe by the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset. However, her research will also set this topic in a broader perspective.