Mattimai Bakor Syiem

  Mattimai Bakor Syiem, M.A. (since 2017)

   Supervisor: Kamila Pacovská, PhD.
   Dissertation subject: The Role of Shame and Guilt in the Moral Development of Children


Dissertation abstract

The aim of the study is to critically examine the role of shame and guilt in the moral development of children. This work will involve a philosophical analysis of these emotions, and an exploration of the differences between how adults and children experience them. Crucial to this study will be the role that shame and guilt play in moral development in relation to other moral emotions like anger, compassion, disgust and gratitude. Questions that will be explored pertaining to this topic are: are all kinds of shame feelings and guilt feelings morally relevant? To what extent are these emotions important for the moral education of children? I intend to place this study within the philosophical framework of Virtue Ethics by examining whether these emotions contribute to or are detrimental to a morally fulfilling life.