Love and Justice conference, September 2018

Love & Justice


A conference organised by

Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

(to be followed by an edited volume)

The Keynotes

Gary Browning (Oxford Brookes University)

Sophie Grace Chappell (Open University, UK)

Christopher Cordner (University of Melbourne/Centre for Ethics)

John Lippitt (University of Hertfordshire)



Knights Hall, The Pardubice Castle
Zámek 1, 530 02 Pardubice




Tuesday, September 4

9.30-10.00  Registration

10.00  Welcome address

10.30-12.00 Christopher Cordner (University of Melbourne/Centre for Ethics): Doing Justice to the Individual


13.30-15.00 Cristian Constantinescu (Birkbeck University): Love, Respect, and Morality


15.30-17.00 Gary Browning (Oxford Brookes University): Murdoch, Migrants and Rights: the Personal, the Political, and the Historical

17.00  Reception (wine and snacks)

18:30  Dinner at Restaurant U Dvou Kohoutků (Smilova 364)


Wednesday, September 5

09.30-11.00  John Lippitt (University of Hertfordshire): Forgiveness, resentment and agapic love


11.30-13.00  Kamila Pacovská (Centre for Ethics): 'Love does not act by force': Simone Weil on Love and Justice


14.30-16.00  Victor J. Seidler (Goldsmiths University): Love and Justice: Embodying Freedom


16.30-18.00  Hugo Strandberg (Centre for Ethics): On the Alleged Conflict between Love and Justice


Thursday, September 6

 9.30-11.00  Sophie Grace Chappell (Open University): Falling in Love Again


11.30-13.00 Michael Campbell (Centre for Ethics): Iris Murdoch and Domestic Violence


14.30-16.00 Lawrence Blum (University of Massachusetts Boston): Police Killings of Black Men in the U.S.: Caring, Stereotyping, and Justice in the 'Black Lives Matter' Movement

16.00 Closing Remarks


Further Queries

For further information please see our Centre website or facebook page, or contact Ondřej Beran ( It is possible to participate in the conference without presenting a paper. Should you wish to do so, please register at the same e-mail address by the end of August at the latest. Attendance is free of charge, but seats are limited.