Love and Justice conference - full programme

Tuesday, September 4

9.30-10.00  Registration

10.00  Welcome address

10.30-12.00 Christopher Cordner (University of Melbourne/Centre for Ethics): Doing Justice to the Individual


13.30-15.00 Cristian Constantinescu (Birkbeck University): Love, Respect, and Morality


15.30-17.00 Gary Browning (Oxford Brookes University): Murdoch, Migrants and Rights: the Personal, the Political, and the Historical

17.00  Reception (wine and snacks)

18:30  Dinner at Restaurant U Dvou Kohoutků (Smilova 364)


Wednesday, September 5

09.30-11.00  John Lippitt (University of Hertfordshire): Forgiveness, resentment and agapic love


11.30-13.00  Kamila Pacovská (Centre for Ethics): 'Love does not act by force': Simone Weil on Love and Justice


14.30-16.00  Victor J. Seidler (Goldsmiths University): Love and Justice: Embodying Freedom


16.30-18.00  Hugo Strandberg (Centre for Ethics): On the Alleged Conflict between Love and Justice


Thursday, September 6

 9.30-11.00  Sophie Grace Chappell (Open University): Falling in Love Again


11.30-13.00 Michael Campbell (Centre for Ethics): Iris Murdoch and Domestic Violence


14.30-16.00 Lawrence Blum (University of Massachusetts Boston): Police Killings of Black Men in the U.S.: Caring, Stereotyping, and Justice in the 'Black Lives Matter' Movement

16.00 Closing Remarks


Conference venue

Knights Hall at the Pardubice Castle
Address: Zámek 1, 530 02 Pardubice