Lectures and seminars

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Tuesdays, 2pm-4pm, the Alpha room (05005)

Research seminar programme:


24th Sep Antony Fredriksson: The Phenomenology of Intersubjective Attention

1st Oct Kamila Pacovská: Wanting to be better. On the Self-Defeating Character of Moral Perfection

8th Oct Frits Gåvertsson (Lund): Emersonian Perfectionism in John Williams’s Butcher’s Crossing

22nd Oct Christopher Cordner (Centre for Ethics/Melbourne): Some Reflections on the Spirit and the Letter

29th Oct Michael Campbell: Two Styles of Thinking: A Case Study

5th Nov Niklas Forsberg: Atonement, Attunement, Advancement. Encountering morality between confidence and hesitancy

12th Nov Ondřej Beran: Environmentalism without Ideology and the Dreams of Wiping out Humanity

1915 Nov Zora Hesová (Univerzita Karlova) TBA

26th Nov Elisa Aaltola (Turku): Varieties of Shame in the Era of Climate Change

3rd Dec internal workshop: Irrationality of the Pleasures I

10th Dec internal workshop: Irrationality of the Pleasures II

17th Dec Ruth Rebecca Tietjen (Vienna): Choosing whom to kill. Religious Fanaticism and the  Dialectic of Concretion and Abstraction


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