Současní studenti

Doctoral students at Centre for Ethics:


Mattimai Bakor Syiem, M.A. (since 2017)

Supervisor: Kamila Pacovská, PhD.
Dissertation subject: The Role of Shame and Guilt in the Moral Development of Children

Mgr. Mira Tan Reyes (since 2017)

Supervisor: Dr. Ondrej Beran
Dissertation subject: Otherwise than Anthropocentrism: Levinas Face-to-Face with the Animal

Mgr. Diana Kalášková (since 2017)
Supervisor: doc. Niklas Forsberg, Ph.D. 
Dissertation subject: Moral Power of  Literature

Mgr. Carolina Davis González (since 2016)
Supervisor: Dr. Andrés Luis Jaume Rodríguez
Dissertation subject: Palaeologus beyond Palaeologus

A list of all doctoral students at the Department of philosophy HERE