Doktorské studium

Doctoral study not only continues to the Master programme, but it qualifies the student for independent work in philosophy. The key outcome of the study is original research elaborated in the PhD thesis, developing and enriching philosophy as a field of study. The study primarily promotes the students’ own research activities (publications, conference presentations, research grants), following their individual study plans. However, students are also encouraged to participate in the academic activities of the department, such as teaching.


As a PhD student at The Centre for Ethics, you will have two supervisors (one main Supervisor, and one assistant supervisor). You are expected to take part in the Centre’s ongoing research activities (Research Seminars, PhD Seminars, Workshops, Reading Groups, Conferences, etc.). The Centre’s ambition is to provide a research atmosphere, which is serious and driven, yet open and friendly. We encourage our PhD Students to write dissertations that discuss themes and examine problems that the students themselves are personally engaged in, without letting go of the task of preparing them for a life in contemporary academia.


The working language of the PhD programme and of the Centre is English and applicants should have a good grasp of academic English, both written and spoken. No knowledge of Czech is required.


PhD Seminar meets approximately every other Wednesday (10am-12; the alpha room at the fifth floor) during the term weeks. At this seminar, our PhD students presents their ongoing work and drafts of dissertation chapters. But we also meet to talk about what it means to think and write philosophy in a good way in contemporary academia, to prepare our PhD’s for a life in the Academia. The Centre’s more senior researches are usually present as well.

The programme for this term:

February 21 - On Writing (introduction by Niklas Forsberg); readings: Raymond Carver: “On Writing”, R.G. Collingwood: “Philosophy as a Branch of Literature,” from An Essay on Philosophical Method

March 21 - Mira T. Reyes

April 18 - Diana Kalášková

May 9 - Carolina Davis

May 16 - Matti Syiem